T04 – Tango insight

Tango insight – a rich ground for practice, learning, discussion and thinking

warnings on attitude
not learning concepts
not practicing
incorrect/inexistent selfevaluation
inpatience/wanting to learn figures
misplaced achievement assessment
insufficient concentration
insufficient responsibility
insufficient cooperation


warnings on posture
pigeon toes
bent knees
shoulders up
head down
dancing on toes
no turnout
hips forward
no verticality
collapsed and floppy volcadas
too far out and floppy colgadas
feet and hips not aligned
pulling faces
bowed legs

warnings on embrace
spagetti arms
in the air – not connected
not open and not close
contradicting embrace
squeezing in the middle
unbalanced colgadas
indecisive volcadas
leading with the hands
leading with the arms
exagerated embrace

warnings on movement
not brushing
back steps too long
steps outside circle space
dancing on toes
dropping into steps
undefined before moving
back step away from partner
haphazard/absent/incoherent leading
anxious/anticipating/unresponsive following
No isolation in boleos
over pivoting
under pivoting
too fast through filter position
unaware of filter position
too stiff and tense
too pretentious
not creating own energy for turns
not creating own energy for dynamic pivoting
incorrect positioning for sacadas
incorrect positioning for baridas
incorrect positioning for ganchos
incorrect dynamics for boleos
misinterpretation of static and dynamic
dogmatically following the chest


warnings on style/leading/following
Sandwich with no heals together
Too many decorations
Pigeon toed gancho
Pigeon toed boleo
Dancing without dissociation
Sandwich flatfooted
Gancho from the knee
Boleo from the knee
Not leading
Not letting the woman arrive
Pushing the woman too much
Holding onto your partner
Straight leg barida

Comms cycle of leading and
 Decision for action
Intention for action
Communicate intention
Intention understood
Movement starts
Movement ends
Decision for action
 Reaction time (RT)
Feedback time (FT) —> 0
 Learning === RT and FT = Max
Learned === RT and FT < 80% Max
After practice === RT and FT —-> 0

Template for partner technique 

Individual technique
Start relative positions
How to position
Element technical description
Leading and following
End relative positions

Aspects of tango

Individual an couple
Static and dynamic
Positions and transfers
Similar to ballet
Similar to martial arts
Posture balance isolation style individual
Connection dialogue togetherness playfulness
Cliches – The poetry of tango
Inspiration – The promised land
Myths – leading with the chest